Dermot brown is the youngest child, of Agnes and Regza brown, he used to be a "master criminal" but lately has settled down to life with his loving wife maria, and their baby triplets.
  • "He always makes me laugh." - Agnes Brown
  • "who's a sad little penguin" - agnes
  • "aah, the lovely maria" - Agnes Brown


Early life:

"For me, your arrival was a big part in my life" Agnes describing What she feltl to dermot.Edit

Dermot was born on a Wednesday in september, and afterwards mrs brown recalls: "you left me like the arrivals gate at dublin airport", he is probably the most loved (after mark) and is often seen as the pet of the family.

When he was younger his father brought home, the family pet, Sparticus (which Rory named), and was very sorry to see her go in later life.

15- 33:

Dermot brown, was sent to a "private" school (which was recommended by a judge), when he was relatively young, and their he met his life long best friend buster brady (much to the family's dissapointment), and after being sentenced spent a year in the jail.

After being released, he got himself a job as an advertiser (wearing costumes) and trying to sell ACME products. He soon fell for the beautiful maria, and after they fell out over moving in.

Later life:

After his tiff, with maria, he decided enough was enough, and asked her to marry her, they then had the triplets.


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