Foleys pub, is the main hangout for mrs brown and her friends and family owned by mr. Foley, the pub has hosted many of the browns celebrations

The staff:Edit

  • Mr foley - Owns Foley's bar, and works all the time, he gets on well with the browns, but as we all do, finds them a bit strange.
  • Sheridan - winnie's daughter, works at foleys bar, and is seen as the brute of the pub.

Mr Foley:Edit

The normal (well compared to the browns) barman, owns foleys bar. Mr foley, owns, two chilren, and considers them: "cracking".

While mrs brown is ordering the baby shandy for the wedding mr foley talks about his children, much to mrs browns anoyance. "Mr Foley... Mr Foley... Agnes fecking bored now!"


The wedding:

The wedding, of dermot and maria, was hosted in the browns house, but the party was hosted at Foley's: before the wedding, agnes bought a load of alchohol on the tab, including rory's baby shandy.

The hen do / the funeral:

Before maria and dermots special day, the hen do comes to town. Cathy, barbara, betty, and maria, dont want Mrs Brown to come, but in her annoying ways, Agnes is determined. She overhears from Dermot that the girls are having the party at, Foleys, so mrs brown and winnie, arrive in style... on a massive inflatable dick. But unsuprisingly, Dermot got it wrong, theyre at Paddy Murphys funeral!

The Cristening:

At the start of series 3, the browns and winnie, are celebrating the christening of the triplets, with a hypnotist, who hypnotises Agnes and winnie into thinking they are both golden retreiver and chicken.


Of an evening the browns are usually found in their home, at the bingo, or at foleys, spending an excess of money in their.